AC Steel Company History


When AC Steel was founded in 1999, high quality internally threaded body jewelry was synonymous with high prices – for both retailers and their customers. From its inception as a small, family-owned business, AC Steel's mission has been to manufacture and offer top-quality body jewelry for reasonable prices while providing five-star customer service. Over the past 12 years, the cost of most products has risen steadily and significantly. Not so for AC Steel's product line. We've become very good, very efficient at what we do. Because we are, literally, a family at AC Steel, we've been able to hold prices steady, and we've always done everything we can to make sure our products and our customer service are second to none.

Recently, the American jewelry market has been flooded with low-quality imported jewelry. In a tight economy, piercers and shop owners are tempted to cut costs by selling lower quality products, however, many of AC Steel's customers have remained loyal and some who switched to imported jewelry have returned. AC Steel's customers know that they offer internally threaded jewelry that's superior to most of the imported jewelry. They also know that every piece AC Steel sells is made in America.

Today AC Steel products can be found in fine piercing establishments around the United States and throughout the world. We've been at this a long time, it's our passion, and we hope that shows in our jewelry and the way we treat our customers.

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